David Ginn Commercial Photography


Commercial Photography

An Olympus PEN-F digital mirrorless camera with a 17 millimeter lens sitting on top of Henri Cartier-Bresson's published work entitled The Decisive Moment, with cover by Henri Matisse. A black and white photograph of an Olympus PEN-F digital mirrorless camera with 17 millimeter lens on top of a map of Oxford with a journal and fountain pen placed by the side. Asparagus spears in a white cardboard french fry container sitting on a bamboo desk on a white background. A wafer cone filled with mashed potato that is dyed green and covered with chocolate chips so it resembles iced cream. A Japanese green tea cake sits atop a bamboo serving board. A glass cup filled with loose tea rests by the side. Four images of the Olympus PEN-F digital camera. The images cascade and show four different views of the same product. A gingerbread man broken in half with a pained look on his face on a gold background. A view of part of a Japanese handleless cup filled with frothy matcha green tea on a teal background. A model wearing a Billingham Shoulder bag leans against a railing with his hand resting on the bag. A close-up image of the zip of a Billingham bag bearing the company logo shining gold under studio lighting.

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A muted green Billingham branded shoulder bag made from both canvas and leather sits in front of a blurred scene of white flowers and green grass. A purple cheesecake made with blueberries and tofu, drizzled in maple syrup. A minimal white scene of a glass of crimson pomegranate seeds tipped over on a wooden table. Olympus PEN-F Detail shot showing wooden hot shoe cover and shutter release with original PEN-F logo.

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Bulb of garlic with one of the cloves detached in a white bowl on a white background. An almond milk latte in a tall latte glass on a black background. Olympus OM-10 camera on a black background with two lenses. Olympus E M-5 camera on a bookcase surrounded by books and a small potted plant. A double cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato on a white background. A wheel of Camembert on a wooden table with crusty bread and a glass of red wine.

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