David Ginn



As someone who has spent a decade working as an artist, I pride myself on my ability to create striking and evocative images that capture the essence of my subjects. I specialize in photography, using my minimalist style to bring out the stark reality of contemporary life. In terms of qualifications, I hold a first-class BA (Hons) in Photography from the well-respected University of Hertfordshire, as well as an HNC in Computer Systems Engineering from Greenwich University. Over the years, I have worked extensively with a variety of digital mediums, including website design, image editing, and digital painting/vector art. This means that I am able to not only take great photographs, but also to edit, manipulate and publish them to achieve the desired effect. In addition, I have experience working in journalism, having served as the editor of a local newspaper for over a year. As a result of my continued business ventures, I have excellent command of the English language and am able to communicate my ideas effectively. If you are looking for someone who is not only skilled but also versatile and experienced, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me using the links below. I am confident that I can capture the essence of your subject in a unique and compelling way.


The world is growing at an ever-accelerating pace, and so too is the Internet. This places a strain on our environment. It is my desire to live in a way that is kind to our planet, and that is reflected in my work. Over the last several years, I have moved to use lower powered devices, and began a process of charging most of them via solar power. My website is self-hosted, and code-optimised to reduce its negative impact. I also drive a tiny electric city car limited to 28mph. To further offset my carbon, I donate a portion of my earnings to environmental charities, and even more savings are planned in the future. I'm always happy to share a conversation about environmentalism.

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